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A pulse survey platform designed to identify and serve the
shifting needs of your team in 2023 🚀

No one deserves to be on an unhappy team 😕. But, you know what’s even worse than being on an unhappy team? Leading one. We get it. HappyTeams is a purpose-built solution that empowers management to unlock valuable team insights 📊 by accurately measuring employee engagement through — scientifically backed questions created by our team of Organisational Psychologists 👩.

Your employees are talking? Are you listening?

Install HappyTeams to Slack, MS Teams, or Email with a single click. As your team answers questions, you can build a winning game plan to improve engagement.

How does HappyTeams Work?

To understand something complex we start with a simple (correct) question.


We send a question to your individual team members.

Curated by our renowned team of Organisational Psychologists, our suite of pulse survey questions targets  the deeper insights you need to develop a happy team.



In one click, we gather anonymous answers from your team.

To ensure clear and succinct communication our platform uses science-backed emoji formatted responses.

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Data & Insights

Real time insights are compiled from individual responses and displayed in our intuitively designed suite of dashboards that can be customised to your Organisation’s unique structure.

HappyTeams is highlighting the most important organizational stressors that need to be addressed right now.Using HappyTeams helps me better serve the Analytics Fire team as a people-first manager.

All in all it has helped me better track the mood & needs of the team each week and be more focused with my time as a people manager.
Nick Allen, CEO, Analytics Fire
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Happy Teams are a super team to deal with. The philosophy behind their product (people first) certainly stems from a strong people value system in the company themselves.

‍This is the least interruptive, yet powerful way to take the pulse of an org or part there of that I have ever experienced.
Liam patel, CEO, Motivility
It was so easy to set up and deploy. My employees get a question each day that is thoughtful and interesting. All the while we are collecting invaluable insights into the health and happiness of our team members. Its' brilliant.
Its “frowny to smiley emoji” scale is dead simple to understand, their dashboard gives clear and concise feedback, and they asks a variety of questions that gives us insight into many different aspects of our employees current mindset
Joe o'Shea, Software manager
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View analytics across teams, identify trends, and maximize growth

We’ve removed the guesswork 🧭 from leading teams and managing employees. Get access to real-time reporting 💹 and make data-driven decisions that have shown to increase productivity 🚀 and improve team dynamics.🙌

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Get access in only a couple of clicks. HappyTeams can be installed directly into Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Try it out free for 30 days. No credit card, No contract.It is that easy!

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