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20% of your employees are looking for another job. Right now.

Engaging these employees now, with HappyTeams, will give you the insight you need to keep them.

We help you stay ahead of the curve, and increase your employee engagement. We know you’re stuck for time, and we make it as simple as possible for you to get all the insight you need to drive positive change.

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HappyTeams is highlighting the most important organizational stressors that need to be addressed right now.Using HappyTeams helps me better serve the Analytics Fire team as a people-first manager.

All in all it has helped me better track the mood & needs of the team each week and be more focused with my time as a people manager.
Nick Allen, CEO, Analytics Fire
Happy Teams are a super team to deal with. The philosophy behind their product (people first) certainly stems from a strong people value system in the company themselves.

‍This is the least interruptive, yet powerful way to take the pulse of an org or part there of that I have ever experienced.
Liam patel, CEO, Motivility
It was so easy to set up and deploy. My employees get a question each day that is thoughtful and interesting. All the while we are collecting invaluable insights into the health and happiness of our team members. Its' brilliant.
Its “frowny to smiley emoji” scale is dead simple to understand, their dashboard gives clear and concise feedback, and they asks a variety of questions that gives us insight into many different aspects of our employees current mindset
Joe o'Shea, Software manager
Simple & Scientific


Our People Science team have designed a simple set of questions to allow your employees to tell you how they really feel.

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Easy & Emotive


With a single click of an emoji, your employees can answer our questions in less than 1 second. No more interruptions.

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Data Driven & Dynamic


We crunch the data and turn it into simple, easy to understand insights, and guided action to help you keep your employees engaged.

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Simple & straightforward

Making Complex Simple


Your teams make your business what it is, and it's important to gain insights on a team-by-team level.

Segment your insights by creating as many teams as you want - by job type, by location, by office, by remote workers and in-office workers - anything!


Our People Science team have designed a simple set of questions to allow your employees to tell you how they really feel.

If you have your own questions that you want to ask, we support that too. Add as many custom questions as you want and we'll add them to the questions we ask your employees.


We get it. Sometimes a single question can leave you wanting more.

Use our pre-built surveys (coming soon), or build your own from your custom questions, and ours, and send them to the whole organisation, or just a team or two.


From high-level to in-depth, we've got you covered.

It all starts with the HappyTeams Dashboard which tells you, at a glance, what's good, and where the problems are, allowing you to focus your efforts on improving your employees' experience.

Want a more in-depth view? We've got that too. Target Reports (coming soon), will give you a much more granular insight into where issues lie, and what you're doing right.

Action Plans

We understand. We give you all of these insights, and you're wondering how to put your best foot forward?

Worry not: our Action Plans are a simple set of steps you can take to improve engagement for your employees, and are created based on what your employees tell us, so you can rest assured, each step is solving a real problem for one of your people.
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